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Who is Alex Heilbrunn?

Alex started his racing career at the young age of 12, in the world of Downhill Mountain biking in his hometown of Peru. Alex’s competitive mentality allowed him to rise amongst the highest level of competition in South America, winning the Latin American Championship in 2007 and the National Peruvian Championship for four years in a row from 2004 to 2008. After 2009 Alex stepped away from bike racing to gain more Automotive Racing experience.

  • Round 1 - Orlando, FL

    1st place qualifier, 1st overall

  • Round 2 - Monroe, WA

    1st place qualifier, 2nd overall

  • Round 3 - Fort Worth, TX

    1st place qualifier, 1st overall

  • Round 4 - Irwindale, CA

    3rd place qualifier, 5th overall

2 million views


2013 - 2016


Formula Drift Pro1 Car

2016 Specs


  • Handling

  • Acceleration

  • Launch

  • Braking

  • RHS 7.4L Aluminum LSX GM tall deck block
  • RHS LS7 heads w/ long Manley severe duty valves and comp cams, springs, retainers and locks
  • 4.5L Whipple supercharger
  • JE custom 10.5:1 pistons
  • Comp cam solid roller lift cam and solid roller lifters
  • Comp cams shaft mount rockers
  • Callies dragon slayer crank and billet rods
  • Designed, machined and built by Millenium Motorsports
  • Front and rear wisefab
  • Feal suspension and Penske shocks
  • RTS customized rear swing arms
  • RTS Andrews 4 speed dogbox
  • Driveshaft shop carbon fiber driveshaft
  • RTS customized winters quick change differential

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